Mac labs made easy

Consistent, clean macOS environments for testing, troubleshooting, and training. Without the aging hardware and pain of reimaging.

Low risk, high reward

It's never been easier to lower your hardware security risk. Workspace delivers secure, cloud-based virtual macOS environments via web browser.

No more lost (or stolen) machines

Whether through the mail or in the hands of an employee or contractor, worrying about physical device security is a thing of the past. Workspace delivers virtual macOS environments.

The work is secure

Workspace user sessions are encrypted. Work never leaves your cloud environment. And all Mac desktops are behind a firewall.

Eliminate the threat

Concerned that an environment may have been compromised? Finished testing that risky code? No problem. Your environment is virtual. Destroy it and create a fresh one instantly.

Access any version instantly


Clean out that closet (or under the unused cubical). You no longer need that dusty stack of aging Macs. Replace them with a library of on-demand, virtual macOS environments.

Truly instant access

Get a brand-new, clean Mac desktop in only a few clicks via a browser.

On-demand macOS versions

Get the exact Mac environment you need for support, testing, or training, when you need it. (Not 6 hours from now after you’ve reimaged and re-booted a comparable machine.)

Legacy macOS managed

Workspace provides cloud-based versions of macOS as needed. No need to hold onto that old hardware “just in case.”

Bring efficiency and flexibility to Mac

Save your time and sanity (what's that worth to you?) with Workspace. Stop re-imaging machines for a single scenario ... again and again and again.

Macs on standby

Create a library of unique macOS environment images for every use case. Spin up virtual machines based on one of those images when you need it. It’s like having an entire fleet of custom Macs on standby.

Access granted

Allow users to create ephemeral VMs from a set of approved images when they need them. Or create a specific virtual environment and assign it to someone for a specific task.


Is Workspace the right solution for your team?

The best solutions are the ones designed with you in mind. Workspace is a great solution for teams focused on testing, troubleshooting, and/or training.


Testing software in a pure environment provides the most reliable results. However, wiping and resetting an actual computer each time a new test is required is extremely time-consuming. Workspace provides a new, pure macOS desktop in seconds.


Provide the same great troubleshooting support to your Mac users, without having to dig through that dusty stack of old machines. Duplicate and troubleshoot a specific macOS configuration in a virtual environment to get your users back on track faster.


Ensure the entire team knows how to support Mac, without having to buy a bunch of expensive hardware. While Mac may only be a piece of what the team does, know that they have access to training environments as needed to keep up the great support.

See how much more flexible and efficient Mac can be

Let’s be honest. Macs can be impractical and (at times) frustrating to purchase, maintain, and support. With Workspace, you have any “flavor” of macOS at your fingertips. No more re-imaging / re-configuring / re-booting old Macs for a one-off task.

On-demand macOS versions

Spin up ephemeral environments (in seconds) with the required macOS version for the task you need.

Powered by dedicated, genuine Mac minis

Supports up to 2 workspaces per machine (max allowed by Apple EULA).

No local client required

Access via any modern browser (HTML5).

Users connect easily with SSO

Google, Active Directory, Azure O365

Work is stored securely in the cloud

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Connect to a virtual Mac now (No download required)

Instant access to high-powered virtual Mac desktops with just a web browser.


Genuine Apple hardware

Virtual Mac workspaces are hosted on genuine Apple hardware, giving you access to Mac-specific programs like Xcode and satisfying Apple’s App Store requirements.

Browser-based access

Access your Mac virtual workspace through any HTML5 web browser. No local applications, plugins, or clients required.

Simplified user access

Need to provide short-term access to a specific macOS virtual machine? No problem. Whether you have a specific scenario that requires testing, you are trying to recreate an issue, or you simply need a second opinion, Workspace has you covered.

1. Login

2. Configure a macOS VM

3. Generate a direct link to that specific VM

4. Share with your colleague

High-definition audio and video

Orka PulseTM is now available in preview for all Workspace users. Administrators can enable or disable this feature on environment images, as desired.

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"If you don’t have a Mac, it’s a complete barrier [to learning app development]... We wanted them to be able to type in a web address, enter a password, and be ready to learn. That’s the experience we were able to create with MacStadium."


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