Orka Workspace

Simple, secure access to a virtual Mac desktop from any device.

Orka Workspace is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that delivers Mac desktops to end users worldwide, via user devices with a modern web browser. Unlike purchasing, provisioning, and shipping physical hardware, Orka Workspace is cost-efficient, easy to deliver, and secure.

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Cost & Time Savings

  • Increase team productivity and satisfaction with instant access to the necessary tools 
  • Reduce or eliminate instances of hardware lost in shipping 
  • Reduce the need to stock hardware in advance 
  • Eliminate downtime when a physical machine is lost or damaged 
  • Increase or scale remote capacity with instant desktops

Simplified Management

  • Manage users and group access with tags in a centralized admin panel 
  • Eliminate concerns about collecting expensive machines from employees after termination or completion of a contract 
  • Spend less time updating/ensuring individual users have updated their software
Mac Cloud Security

Enhanced Security & Compliance

  • Retain control over all company data in the cloud 
  • Terminate users based on their security posture 
  • Instantly update the user's operating system and apps
  • Control access to sensitive data 
  • Audit user activity and history 
  • Enhance multi-layer security with fully dedicated infrastructure 

Why Orka Workspace?

The industry’s first enterprise-grade virtual desktop solution for Mac, Orka Workspace enables you to centrally manage macOS desktops and securely stream them to any authenticated user.  

Reduce security risks related to having computers in the field with session timeout.

Accelerate employee onboarding and offboarding by providing a Mac desktop experience to remote workers rather than shipping hardware.

Eliminate hardware challenges by enabling remote workers to access a Mac Desktop any time, anywhere, and from any device.

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Is Orka Workspace the right Desktop-as-a-Service solution for your team?

Non-persistent desktops 

Faster and more secure than persistent desktops.
(Persistent desktop option coming soon.)

Workspaces created with the latest macOS images

Currently macOS 12 Monterey

Powered by dedicated Mac minis

Supports 2 workspaces per machine (max allowed by Apple EULA)

No local client required

Access via any modern browser (HTML5)

Users connect easily with SSO

Google, Active Directory, Azure O365

Work is stored securely in the cloud

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Use Orka Workspace to Scale Remote Capacity

Step 1: Users log into Orka Workspace using their username and password or via SSO. 

Step 2: Orka Workspace instantly creates a virtual macOS desktop with the designated applications and settings. 

Step 3: After the user logs off, the virtual desktop is dissolved, and the compute resources are available for another user. 

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QA & Testing Teams

Testing software in a pure environment provides the most reliable results. However, wiping and resetting an actual computer each time a new test is required is hugely time-consuming. Orka Workspace provides a new, pure macOS desktop in seconds.

Developer desktop

International Development Teams

Shipping Mac hardware is expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable in certain parts of the world. Eliminate wasted time and resources shipping machines internationally. Provide them a cloud-based macOS desktop instantly with Orka Workspace.

Remote worker desktop

Short-term Contractors

Providing an expensive machine to a short-term contract worker gets expensive, especially when that machine may or may not be returned when the contract ends. Instead, use Orka Workspace to give them instant access to a virtual macOS workspace.

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