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MacStadium's Workspace with Orka Pulse™ provides low-latency, high-performance virtual macOS workstations to users worldwide, who otherwise may not have access to the Mac compute they require for everyday business and development.

Workspace illustration
Orka Workspace with CLI window

Connect and create from anywhere.

Instant access to high-powered virtual Mac desktops.

Genuine Apple hardware

Virtual Mac workspaces are hosted on genuine Apple hardware, giving you access to Mac-specific programs like Xcode and satisfying Apple’s App Store requirements.


Access your Mac virtual workspace through any HTML5 web browser. No local applications, plugins, or clients required.

MacBook with Cloud

A virtual Mac desktop the feels local.

The industry’s first enterprise-grade virtual desktop solution for Mac, now with high-definition audio and video.

Cinema-quality streaming

Proprietary transmission technology, Orka Pulse™, delivers up to 1080p, 120FPS video streaming and 48KHz audio streaming. This is on-par with most online streaming services.

Real-time interactivity

Sub-second latency makes your virtual workspace feel natural.

Workspace admin dashboard

Security is our priority

MacStadium is certified to the highest level of cloud security and data privacy.

Private cloud

MacStadium's Workspace virtual desktop sessions are powered by your own Mac private cloud. This ensures that there’s no cross contamination.

Encrypted sessions

Workspace user sessions are encrypted, and work never leaves your cloud environment.

Centralized management

Add and remove users and organize group permissions from an admin dashboard. Terminate user sessions if risks are identified.

High-definition audio and video

Orka Pulse™ is now available in Preview on for all Workspace users.

Proprietary Transmission Technology

Orka Pulse is the first application of WebRTC on macOS VDI. It leverages the industry-leading WebRTC technology combined with a reimagined transmission protocol to create low-latency, high-performance macOS workspaces.

Workspace Technical Architecture Diagram

Is Orka Workspace the right solution for your team?

The industry’s first enterprise-grade virtual desktop solution for Mac, MacStadium's Workspace solution allows you to centrally manage macOS desktops and securely stream them to any authenticated user.

Non-persistent desktops

Faster and more secure than persistent desktops.

Workspaces created with the latest macOS images

Currently macOS 13 Ventura

Powered by dedicated Mac minis

Supports up to 2 workspaces per machine (max allowed by Apple EULA)

No local client required

Instantly provision and revoke Access via any modern browser (HTML5)

Users connect easily with SSO

Google, Active Directory, Azure O365

Work is stored securely in the cloud

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.