Now available: Orka 3.0 - Easier to use, faster builds, safer access.

MacStadium + KubeCon 2023

Kubernetes-Native macOS Virtualization by MacStadium

The next-generation macOS virtualization solution that allows your app development team to release more efficiently and effectively.

Orka 3.0

Now Available: Orka 3.0

The next-generation macOS virtualization solution that allows your app development team to release more efficiently and effectively. 

Kubernetes (k8s) Native

You can now leverage the power of Kubernetes to manage your macOS workflows alongside other heterogeneous environments.

Faster Startups

Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant, thin-provisioned images launch in seconds, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput.

Integrated Single Sign-On

Easily control and manage environment access for DevOps and developers via the MacStadium Portal with SSO.

Ready to see Orka in action?

It's time to simplify your CI/CD processes. Purchase and get started with an Orka cluster today in the portal.

Certified Kubernetes logo

Orka 3.0 is Kubernetes Native

Use the Kubernetes tools you know and love to manage your macOS VMs to create dynamic CI pipelines.

Orka has been certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. Learn more about program requirements here.

Building for Apple platforms made easy.

Leverage genuine Apple hardware in a secure cloud environment to create seamless Mac DevOps pipelines without the up-front investment in hardware and long-term administration.

Increase Efficiency: integrate and automate macOS CI/CD

Integrate with CI/CD tools to create true macOS development workflow automation by dynamically provisioning VMs and pooling resources. Use the open-source plugins to connect to popular CI/CD tools instantly or build a custom integration with the RESTful API.

Save Time: macOS vms are available in seconds

Access fresh VMs for development and testing when you need them, not an hour later after you have wiped and reset the machine. And gain even more efficiency by cloning VMs instead of manually re-imaging individual Macs.

Scale Easily: Orka platform delivers enterprise-grade performance

Orka Platform was designed to be lightweight and built specifically for Mac. Its use of Kubernetes makes it highly scalable and able to support everything from small teams to enterprise-level workflows. 

Get answers: access industry expertise and hands-on support

Leverage expert support and guidance from the MacStadium team of experts that has been designing Mac-centric solutions for over a decade.

Try orchestrating macOS VMs on your local machine with Orka Toolkit

Orka Toolkit is a desktop virtualization program that allows you to create and manage macOS virtual machines locally with an easy-to-use interface (CLI/UI) using Orka components.

Orka is designed for your team

Enterprise-level performance and customization to meet your DevOps team’s specific needs.

Mix and match any available hardware to create your perfect environment

Intel Mac mini
Mac mini with M1
Mac mini with M2
Mac mini with M2 Pro
Mac Studio Max
Mac Studio Ultra

Access a library of OS versions

Mojave (10.14)
Catalina (10.15)
Big Sur (11)
Monterey (12)
Ventura (13)
Sonoma (14)

Scale on demand

Add nodes as needed over time to scale your environment with your team

Certified secure

Physically isolated and dedicated genuine Apple hardware.

Custom firewall and networking to satisfy even the most particular security requirements.

Dig deeper and learn more about Orka

Read the Orka product sheet for an overview explaining how Orka provides macOS virtualization and orchestration at scale in a cloud environment.