Orka Desktop

macOS VMs on your laptop for local build & test


Unblock your workflow by running your build or test work in a VM


Safely run breaking tests on your own machine


Improve team collaboration with easily shareable images


It's free to use and easy to learn


Get started with Orka Desktop

Manipulating virtual machines has become a core skill for DevOps engineers, developers, and operations administrators. Orka Desktop is a desktop virtualization program that allows you to create and manage macOS virtual machines locally with an easy-to-use GUI interface. 

This is an ideal tool for those who want to learn more about Mac virtualization and learn how an image can be built and tested locally, then uploaded to the cloud.

Apple M1 with 8GB RAM and 50+ GB available disk space required*

Single-use VMs, on demand

Unlike real hardware, VMs are disposable. Single-use VMs, which are - spun up, used once for building or testing and then torn down, provide the most trustworthy, repeatable results because everything on the VM is freshly installed each time. This practice of using ephemeral (lasting for a very short time) VMs is now an industry-standard in development.


Built by developers, for developers

MacStadium has been focused on building cloud solutions to simplify Mac for business worldwide for a decade. We are the only cloud provider to support and scale virtualization solutions on Mac hardware and the creators of Orka®, the first and only solution for orchestrating macOS in a cloud environment for Apple development on Apple hardware.

Orka CLI

Create and manage macOS virtual machines locally

Start, stop, pause, and configure your virtual machine images easily from the Orka Desktop admin panel.

Jenkins and Orka

Easy-to-use GUI interface

Learn more about Mac virtualization using our simple GUI to create, use, and manage VMs.

Orka CLI

Custom VMs for Testing

Create and launch custom VMs to learn more about Mac virtualization and to get a feel for the basics of a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline. 

Jenkins and Orka

Develop a seamless workflow for building and sharing images

Use Orka Desktop’s Pull and Push capabilities develop workflows for running the same image on any device. An image can be built and tested locally, then uploaded to an OCI registry for sharing with other team members.

Learn more about Orka at scale

Interested in bringing Orka's virtualization capabilities to your cloud environment?

Talk to our team of experts to learn more about Orka Cluster, which is virtualization and orchestration.


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