Apple app development solutions
at a predictable monthly price.
in a secure cloud environment.
that enable automation.
that scale with you.

With options ranging from basic bare metal Mac infrastructure to industry-leading macOS virtualization software, we have a Mac cloud solution that's right for your team.

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Mac Bare Metal

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  • Mac mini M2.S

    M2 8 Core , 8 GB, 256 GB SSD


  • Mac mini M1.M

    M1 8 Core, 16 GB, 1 TB SSD


  • Mac mini M2.M

    M2 8 Core, 16 GB, 1 TB SSD


  • Mac mini M2.L

    M2 Pro 10 Core, 16 GB, 1 TB SSD


  • Mac mini M2.XL

    M2 Pro 12 Core, 32 GB, 2 TB SSD


  • Mac Studio S2.M

    M2 Ultra 24 Core, 64 GB, 2 TB SSD


  • Mac mini MI.L

    Intel i7 3.2 Ghz, 64 GB, 1 TB SSD


Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. See terms and conditions.

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Need something that you don’t see here?

Contact our team to place a custom hardware order.

Upgrade your Mac cloud

We build industry-leading software that extends your Mac cloud’s capabilities. Talk to one of our experts to learn more about how MacStadium can help you.


Enterprise-grade macOS virtualization and orchestration software that connects to the most popular DevOps tools to automate your CI/CD workflows.


A virtual Mac desktop solution that delivers Mac desktops to end users worldwide via any modern web browser for testing and teaching.

What’s included

All MacStadium bare metal servers are genuine Apple machines and include everything you need to get started with a Mac cloud.

Dedicated hardware

You get full, root-access control to your Mac server to configure and secure it as you’d like.

Reliable connectivity

Redundant network, power, and monitoring help us deliver 99.99% uptime.

Superior customer support

Get in touch with engineering and support teams easily via our customer portal.

Best-in-class security

Our data centers are certified to have the highest level of cloud security and data privacy.

Cost transparency

Reduce expenses vs. a DIY solution and get predictable, fixed monthly or annual billing.

Dedicated IP address

Your Mac is always online and available with a dedicated IPv4 address.

Pre-installed macOS

All Macs come with the latest version of macOS. Need Catalina or Mojave instead? No problem

Unlimited bandwidth

Fast 1GB internet is included. Use as much as you need without affecting your flat rate billing.

Orka: the virtualization solution that grows with you

We offer two levels of Orka licensing so you only pay for the features your team needs. And Orka pricing is node-based (i.e. you pay per machine in your environment), so that it scales with you.


Get started with macOS virtualization and orchestration.


Includes VM orchestration across nodes with priority and grouping features.


Supports OCI-compatible images, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility.


Provides K8S Native Interfaces, including kubectl and compatible tools, for a seamless Kubernetes experience.


Integrates with Jenkins, GitHub Actions, BuildKite, and TeamCity for CI/CD pipelines and Packer support for creating images.


Truly custom macOS virtualization and orchestration solution with the security and availability upgrades.


Everything in Basic +


Network and VM Isolation for enhanced security.


Support for Linux workloads, broadening the scope of applications.


Offers Highly Available control plane for robust and reliable operations.


Federated SSO with Okta and Azure AD for easy access management.


Coming Soon: Private OCI Registry and Cache Management / Cache Warming to optimize performance.


Coming Soon: Event Auditing for improved oversight and compliance.

Our expert sales team is standing by to help you design the macOS virtualization solution that will save your team time and money.

Create a seamless iOS app development workflow.

Orka Platform on AWS delivers simplicity and scalability to developers building for Apple devices. Spend less time dealing with the complexities of managing macOS and orchestrating your CI workloads on M1 machines and spend more time building innovative apps on AWS.


Level up your Mac hardware with one of three flexible and extensible options for virtualizing macOS in the cloud.


Get secure, high-performance network connectivity to other leading public and private cloud environments.


Ensure your network is always available and protected from outsiders trying to gain unauthorized access.

Cloud Access

Get cloud access to macOS desktops in your MacStadium environment from a variety of endpoint devices.

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