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MacStadium is the only provider of secure enterprise-class Apple Mac infrastructure. Whether you need to deploy a Mac private cloud for large-scale CI/CD or just need a dedicated Mac to test your iOS app, MacStadium has got you covered.

MacStadium is trusted by iOS developers, mobile testing teams, and DevOps engineers at thousands of companies around the world. We provide Mac infrastructure for everyone from individual developers to growing startups to Fortune 100 organizations.

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Private Cloud

MacStadium private clouds are powered by VMware or Anka and run on dedicated Mac hardware. It allows quick deployment of virtual servers of any OS, on demand.

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Mac Pro

Dedicated Mac Pro

Get the most from the Mac Pro server with uncapped Gigabit ethernet (symmetrical up/down), plus 10GbE+ internal networking to fibre channel SAN and firewalls.

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Mac mini

Dedicated Mac mini

The Apple Mac mini server is cost-effective for single developers and readily available for large organizations that need to deploy dozens or hundreds quickly.

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