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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on Hosted Mac Servers

iOS developers practicing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) require dedicated Mac hardware to build and test their apps. We provide this service for everyone from individual developers to unicorn startups and Fortune 100 organizations. It’s IaaS with a Mac twist, available from three different locations. Below are four common needs we see from customers and info on how we can help.

4 Ways to Get Started

Build a large deployment with us

We can work with you to design and build a scalable private cloud of Mac servers equipped with flash storage, blades, and anything else you’ll need to provide a service to your company or customers. It’s a mix of services you can’t get anywhere else.

Perhaps you offer a CI product and want to allow your customers access to macOS for iOS development. You might be a Fortune 500 company and needs hundreds of Mac servers as iOS build infrastructure for your internal app development team. We can do it. We’ve done big deployments a time or two or three.

Move your Macs to our data center

We can put your hardware in our high end data centers so they are secure, always available, and supported by a full team of Mac experts.

This is perfect if you have a couple Macs you’re looking to get out of the back room. You can sign up for colocation and have all of the network information sent right away so you can ship it ready to plug in.

If you’re a large company running your own data centers but don’t have a team for managing Macs, we’re ready to help with that too.

Signup for a personal cloud

We can provide a cluster of Mac servers, SAN storage, a managed firewall, and all you need to create virtual machines to test and build on for CI. The solution is highly scalable and redundant. This is also a great option for consultants that want to offer an off-the-shelf option for clients.

Rent a single dedicated Mac

We provide rental Mac minis and rental Mac Pros that are available immediately. If you are developing with a small company or just want access to a build server while on the road, this is a great option. Sign up now to get started right away.

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