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The Mac Hosting Authority

MacStadium is the leading managed Mac hosting solution in the world offering individuals and organizations of all sizes to colocate and rent dedicated Mac servers and Mac private cloud environments hosted in data centers around the world. We’re an experienced, driven team of technology enthusiasts striving to provide the best Mac hosting experience to all users.

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Customer Reviews

“Our team needed to get a hosted server up and running on a tight schedule, and MacStadium was able to come through. The workflow was very easy, and going to the support page to find out about PTR DNS setup was simple. Thus far, we are very impressed with this service.”


“The services are great. The tech support is excellent! Everyone with whom I have worked has been responsive, informed, and polite. The service is very much appreciated.”


MacStadium in the News

“If I’m an Apple developer, even at the corporate level, who needs to build apps on a budget, the ability to use MacStadium’s contract-less offering will let me prototype and build apps without the upfront investment”.


“Needless to say, it’s certainly an exciting time for hosting and colocation with the announcement of the all-new Mac Pro”.


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