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Logos and Product Briefs

Product Briefs

The following product briefs are used to describe MacStadium solutions.

Brand Logos

We welcome the use of the MacStadium logo in media coverage of the MacStadium brand and in reference to Mac hosting.

Are you a MacStadium customer? We’d love to see examples of our Powered by MacStadium logo in your website or application. Send links to press@macstadium.com.

For Media Coverage

For Affiliate & Customer Use

Brand Colors




Use Guidelines


✔ Use the logos separately as unique elements.


✖ Use both logos together.
✖ Change the colors of the logos (except to desaturate).
✖ Modify the MacStadium logo to fit your app/website.
✖ Write MacStadium with a space between the words.

We’ll be glad to help you with fitting the logo in your product if you don’t mind asking for help.