MacStadium Anka Cloud

Combine MacStadium infrastructure with Anka virtualization to manage your CI pipeline

Anka is a virtualization engine for continuous integration projects specifically built for macOS. Anka uses the macOS Hypervisor.framework with external registry and controller nodes. Anka is custom-built to work as part of a CI workflow and can be integrated with existing container-based DevOps CI pipelines.

Create Anka macOS VMs using infrastructure-as-code tools, push or pull VM tags with your specific dependencies and state using the Anka Registry, and run on-demand Anka macOS VMs on any connected nodes. Automatically request VMs for your CI/CD jobs using one of Anka's plugins, or develop your own using Anka's REST APIs.

Anka on MacStadium

Virtualization with Anka combined with the power of MacStadium's cloud-hosted Apple hardware is the perfect environment for your CI/CD workflow. In addition to Anka licensing, all Anka private clouds come with hosting, storage, networking, security, monitoring, and 24x7 remote support. Design and build a cloud environment to meet your specifications and easily scale as your needs grow.