DevOps for macOS and iOS with Anka.

Veertu’s Anka was specifically built for Mac CI and provides a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use solution for virtualizing macOS at scale. Add Anka to your MacStadium cloud for iOS build automation.

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Complete iOS DevOps solution.

Developed by Veertu and built on top of the official macOS Hypervisor.framework, Anka allows you to configure a private cloud for CI/CD on any Apple hardware. Create Anka macOS VMs using infrastructure as code tools, push or pull VM tags with your specific dependencies and state using the Anka Registry, and run on-demand Anka macOS VMs on any connected nodes. Automatically request VMs for your CI/CD jobs using one of Anka’s existing plugins or develop your own using its REST APIs.

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Anka + MacStadium.

Combine Anka virtualization with the power of MacStadium’s cloud hosted build infrastructure.

Get started right away.

A MacStadium Anka cloud comes ready to use with a preconfigured Anka Build setup.

Easy to scale.

Don’t worry about purchasing and managing in-house Macs. With a MacStadium cloud, easily add new Anka nodes when you need them.

Enterprise security.

Leverage MacStadium’s enterprise-scale cloud security and certifications to keep your Anka environment safe.

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Build and test locally.

For developers wanting to test their iOS or macOS applications in a sandbox environment, Anka Develop can create and start a single VM for local development and testing. Or combine Anka Flow with Anka Build to enable your developers to pull the build environments from the central registry on their local machines.


With MacStadium Mac minis and Anka virtualization, Shopify substantially improved the maintainability and scalability of its iOS build infrastructure.

Ready to get started?

Our sales engineers are available to provide a custom price quote or answer your questions about a Mac cloud built with Anka.

Read Anka docs.

We have partnered with Veertu to provide Anka on MacStadium infrastructure. Learn more about Anka on their docs site.

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Compare options.

MacStadium offers three platforms for virtualizing macOS. Learn about each one to see which is right for your team.

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