Benepass: iOS CI with Mac mini

By Jason Davis|

August 26, 2020

We have thousands of customers using dedicated Mac minis in the cloud for various projects - from large household brands to innovative startups to hobbyists and individual developers. We wanted to highlight the unique ways customers are leveraging these powerful and flexible machines. If you’d like your project to be featured, let us know.

About Benepass

Benepass is a modern platform for employee benefits. The platform provides a simple way to manage tax-advantaged accounts that are part of employee benefit programs. Benepass has an iOS and Android app that link to the benefit accounts and payment cards.

Benepass recently completed Y Combinator’s Winter 2020 funding cycle and secured $2.4 million in seed round funding.

Benepass Team & Workflow

The team utilizes React Native to deliver a cross-platform experience for their customers. From the beginning, Benepass' lead engineer and chief technology officer, Kabir Soorya, implemented a strict CI and testing process to ensure quality and improve deliverability. For their iOS app, Benepass utilizes fastlane as their CI pipeline and a Mac mini build agent hosted at MacStadium.

iOS CI on Mac mini

Benepass set up their build pipeline with ease of management, remote access, and scalability in mind, which is why they chose to host their Mac mini build machine at MacStadium. When they make a change to their GitHub repository, a webhook triggers the build process on their Mac mini. Having this standardized environment and build process means Benepass has avoided troubleshooting the build on multiple developer machines.

Working with MacStadium

Having a consistent, reliable, remotely managed environment to build and test their app has given the Benepass team the freedom and flexibility to set up their CI pipeline and enforce strict development practices from the beginning. MacStadium’s commitment to providing enterprise reliability with Mac minis has allowed this simplicity and security.

“MacStadium has been fantastic. The Mac Mini product is exactly what we needed to create a consistent and repeatable mobile CI process and was fast and easy to stand up. Our setup has worked without a hitch from day one, and when I have had questions, MacStadium support has been quick and helpful.” said Soorya.

In good company

When we interviewed our Mac mini customers, we began to realize their use cases often mirrored our enterprise customers. For example, Benepass uses React Native and fastlane to build their iOS and Android app just like many of our largest enterprise customers. From one Mac mini to a thousand Mac Pros, MacStadium provides the scalability to add capacity as needed.

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