Get Started with DevSecOps for iOS and macOS

By Jeff Vincent|

March 30, 2021

DevSecOps is fundamentally the idea that application security is an organization-wide problem that has to be addressed by all interested parties, rather than solely by a security specialist or engineer. DevSecOps is really an iteration on DevOps, in which security is embedded throughout the DevOps cycle.

This is a distinct departure from the traditional “waterfall” linear approach in which applications go through the full development lifecycle up to the point of release, and are then tested for security issues by a security specialist.

This shift in thinking benefits teams in several ways. If vulnerabilities in the code are detected earlier and more often, it will be easier to fix them because the developers are still “close” to the code. Moreover, if vulnerabilities are detected quickly, the dev team won’t write additional code that depends on vulnerable code, which means less work to undo to fix the problem.

Taken a step further, once the process has begun, there is a steady flow of feedback regarding application security, which will serve as continuing education for developers about secure coding practices, which will ultimately result in more secure applications in fewer iterations.

Full automation of dynamic security scanning in the CI/CD pipeline is essential to facilitate the small feedback loops required to identify and correct security vulnerabilities quickly.

Once the automated processes are in place, the security team will expand its role to include the management of full-team execution of additional security protocols, such as secret management as far down as the repo level and a standardized integrated development environment (IDE) that offers vulnerability scanning.

Get Started with DevSecOps

If your team is considering implementing DevSecOps for macOS or iOS at your organization and you’d like some guidance, check out our latest eBook: DevSecOps for iOS and macOS. Inside the book, you’ll go on a deep-dive of all things DevSecOps with an emphasis on macOS and iOS specifics, which includes understanding why security is important in the DevOps process, tangible changes that probably need to be made in your SDL, and how to get started.

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