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Learn fastlane for macOS and iOS CI/CD With These Great Resources

We’ve put together this list of the best fastlane resources to make it easy for you to get started with automating the deployment of iOS and macOS apps.

Deploying macOS and iOS projects can be awfully time-consuming when done manually. It involves beta deployment, code signing, taking screenshots, and finally deploying the project to Apple’s App Store. Thankfully, fastlane, an open-source project that was acquired by Google in 2017, provides a means to automate these time-intensive processes. One of the most loved aspects of fastlane is that it is relatively simple to get set up, but for those just getting started, we’ve collected the following resources to help you avoid any headaches along the way.

Top fastlane Resources

fastlane Tutorial: Getting Started

Published on raywenderlich.com, a leading source of information for mobile developers, this tutorial will give you a nice, thorough walkthrough of getting started with fastlane. One of the hassles with learning new DevOps tools is that you need a sample application to work with in addition to the tool that you’re learning. This tutorial handles that end of things for you. It includes a sample application as a download that you can use as you work through the tutorial, but you will need to subscribe to download the practice materials. After downloading the practice app, you’ll go through a full fastlane workflow, including automating screenshots and deployment to the App Store.

Implementing fastlane from nothing to App Store

If you prefer to follow video tutorials, you’re in luck. This YouTube tutorial will let you follow along with the lead maintainer of fastlane, Josh Holtz, as he takes you from installation to a fully functional setup. Holtz has been a core contributor to fastlane since 2015 and has been the lead maintainer since 2018.

In this video walkthrough, you will start with a SwiftUI app with an iOS and macOS build target that doesn’t have any fastlane integration, and by the end, you will have installed and set up fastlane, and deployed apps to both the Developer Portal and App Store Connect. You will also build and code sign the app, and then submit the resulting binary to the App Store.

fastlane Docs

Finally, the fastlane docs offer a wealth of information, and they are easy to navigate. The docs cover all of the information discussed in the above resources, along with integration details for a variety of CI tools such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, Bitrise, and more.

You will also find in-depth coverage of advanced topics such as FastfilesLanesActions, and more.


This list of fastlane resources will help you get up to speed and get started with fastlane. Do you have any other great fastlane tips or resources? Let us know in our MacStadium Community. We would love to hear from you!


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