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In July 2012, MacStadium.com released an update to its customer portal that now offers a total of three network monitoring tools which are pre-configured to monitor your Mac mini(s) which are seated within the MacStadium hosting environment.  These tools are enabled by default, and are a Standard Feature with all MacStadium hosting subscriptions to allow you to better manage your Mac mini while it is in the cloud at the MacStadium.

Once you are logged into your customer portal, you can scroll down to the Network Section where you will find the new tools:

NETWORK UTILIZATION is a real time graph showing MRTG / RRD type Inbound and Outbound traffic graphs at the dedicated 100Mb Cisco network switch port which your Mac mini is connected to.  You can easily select from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly views, and each graph provides Current, Average, and Maximum Usage statistics as sampled.  These graphs are updated every 5 minutes.

NETFLOW is a near real time graphing tool showing Total (MB Sum) and 95th Percentile network usage at our network edge as related to the Public IP Addresses assigned to your Mac mini subscriptions. You can easily choose the month, or days you wish to look at by clicking on the interactive graphs.  MacStadium.com bills users based on the MB Sum usage indicated in this graph.

MacStadium.com subscribers enjoy Super Fast 100Mb Transmit and Receive Internet speeds and pay only $0.10 per Gb for overage over their subscription plan.  Alternatively, subscribers can change their plan from 1TB to 2TB to Unlimited via the subscriber portal in real time to avoid overage fees in any given month.

REALTIME is an actual Network Probe aka Packet Sniffer which provides a sort-able table view of Netflows coming in and out of our network which are generated by, or targeted at your Mac mini’s IP addresses.

The Network Probe function of the MacStadium management dashboard allows you to monitor and easily diagnose key network flow statistics of every internet conversation related to your Mac mini.

As data streams flow across the network, the sniffer analyzes each packet, and displays the packet’s raw data, making its content simple to analyze by you via the Management Dashboard. Key metrics are sorted and presented including source IP, target IP, protocol, and amount of data transmitted to or from your Mac mini – all in real time!

  • Real-time visibility of every network flow
  • Historical visibility of network flow volume in 15 minute increments.
  • Drill down toolsets to easily identify top communicators or offenders.
  • No changes to existing network infrastructure required.
  • No impact to network performance.

This tool is a MacStadium exclusive in the Mac Colo-cation and hosting industry.