Setting Up a MacStadium Hosted Mac mini as a Jenkins Build Agent

Follow this simple guide to add a MacStadium hosted Mac mini as a build agent to an existing Jenkins master.

Jenkins is still the most popular CI/CD tool in the DevOps space. As such, it is common for teams to have a Jenkins master stood up for non-Mac CI/CD workflows that they would like to add a macOS build agent to in order to run macOS and iOS C/CD jobs within their existing system.

For relatively small teams, a single Mac mini hosted by MacStadium can be an excellent solution to this problem. Today, we’ll demonstrate the process of connecting a MacStadium-hosted Mac mini to an existing Jenkins master stood up outside of MacStadium.

Initial Connection to Your Mac mini

We’ll be working through the UI on our Mac mini via a Screen Sharing session to get things set up quickly. If you are working on a Mac locally, you will only need to open the Finder on your local machine, and press “ctrl + k” to open Apple Screen Sharing. If you are working from a Windows machine, check out this video for making the equivalent VNC connection.

Upon signing up for a MacStadium-hosted Mac mini, you will receive your connection details via your MacStadium Customer Portal. Simply collect those details to follow along.

Enter the following in the Server Address field, click Connect, and then enter your username and password that will also have been shared in your MacStadium Customer Portal.

VNC Connection Window