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Sticker Mule and MacStadium: Mac mini with 24/7 customer service

No matter what your use case, MacStadium can help build an environment for you - just like we do for the company keeping your laptops from being naked, Sticker Mule.

MacStadium stickers and swag made by Sticker Mule

MacStadium hosts Mac infrastructure for companies of all sizes – from one-man startups to global enterprises – and we love it when we can work with one of our customers and use their products in return. Sticker Mule is one of those customers.

About Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is the fastest and easiest way to buy custom printed products. Powered by a 100% remote team, Sticker Mule operates in 17 countries on 4 continents and ships to thousands of customers worldwide. As the name implies, Sticker Mule specializes in custom printed stickers, but that’s not all; they also create custom labels, magnets, buttons, packaging, hot sauce (yes, hot sauce), and more.

Whether they realize it or not, most developers have a Sticker Mule product on their laptop as we speak – especially if they have a MacStadium or Orka sticker! (What, your laptop is bare??? Let us know… we can change that!) The MacStadium marketing team has been working with Sticker Mule for years to outfit our customers, employees, and vendors with cool MacStadium branded stickers, buttons, and magnets.

Working with MacStadium

When Sticker Mule needed Macs in the cloud, they came to MacStadium for our dedicated, genuine Apple infrastructure. With an emphasis on providing their customers with fast turnaround time, Sticker Mule required accessibility, reliability, and 24/7 customer service.

"MacStadium is a service that we are thrilled to use. They have been a dependable and reliable partner, providing stable, problem-free service," said Viamonte Sherman, Sticker Mule’s Vice President of Software Development.

In Good Company

Like Sticker Mule, many of MacStadium’s customers rely on their cloud-hosted Macs every day. Whether a single Mac mini or a large private Mac cloud, we ensure that all of our Mac infrastructure is secure, scalable, and reliable. No matter your use case, MacStadium can build an environment that meets your needs.