Use Cases

Do you need Macs in the cloud? Do you want the world's best scalability, support, uptime, and security?
You’re in the right place!

MacStadium's wide variety of Mac infrastructure can support hundreds of use cases. Explore below to find out ways that you can leverage MacStadium to automate CI/CD pipelines, improve testing, bring Mac desktops wherever you need them, or use Macs as servers for a variety of tasks.

iOS and Mac DevOps

If you’re using Jenkins, BuildKite, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, TeamCity, or any other CI orchestration tool, you need access to macOS build machines. Since macOS only runs on genuine Apple Mac computers, this is where MacStadium comes in! We can provide the infrastructure and help you connect to your CI orchestration software.

Ready to level up? Speed up your CI workflows by optimizing and parallelizing builds across multiple build machines, or create an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline at MacStadium by adding release automation servers to your CI build infrastructure.

Whether you're just starting out or have a fully-automated large development team, MacStadium can provide the Apple infrastructure to support your CI/CD pipeline.

QA & Testing

Mobile app testing often involves iOS simulators which need to run on macOS instances on Apple hardware, and apps built for macOS can be especially complex with the need to support more OS versions. MacStadium's clouds are an easy way to test Mac apps in a variety of environments using pre-configured VMs with different macOS versions, OS settings, or pre-installed apps.

With 15% of internet traffic viewing web pages with Safari, testing your web app on macOS is critical to ensure your code renders and functions well on Safari. And for mobile users that are running Safari or another browser on their iPhone, you want to make sure your apps works great. Mac clouds can automate mobile browser testing allowing you to choose exactly what and how you want to test.

Remote Mac Desktop

There are thousands of ways to use a Mac, and sometimes you don’t want that Mac on your desk.

Whether you're an individual who is running Windows but needs to use a macOS application, a company who needs to provide access to Mac hardware for employee training or demos, or a university struggling to find new ways to train students on Mac app development, MacStadium can provide the genuine Mac hardware you need in an easy-to-access, secure, cloud environment.

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Remote Mac

Mac Server Hosting

Mac server

If you need a cloud-hosted server that can run Mac-only software, MacStadium provides genuine Apple machines with macOS. Or even if you don’t require macOS, but still prefer to run your server on Mac hardware, MacStadium’s cloud-hosted servers are the perfect solution. Run a database server using FileMaker/Claris, host your company's website, setup a backup server in the cloud, or create a remove media server with Plex -- the possibilities are endless.

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