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Our Mac cloud can help you build a dedicated shopping app with beautiful, seamless experiences where your buyers can make purchases with the touch of a button.

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Shopping apps are removing barriers between customers and the goods and services retailers provide. With interactive features like AR/VR, location services, and context-aware offers, you have more opportunities to delight customers with a shopping experience that is unique to your brand. Regardless of how you plan to make the customer experience stand out, MacStadium can help.

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Mac clouds designed with retail in mind.

We've worked with manufacturers, retailers, and major e-commerce platforms. We know what’s important to development teams building apps for the retail industry and we’ve created a Mac cloud to support them.


Long-time MacStadium customers like Shopify continue to push the envelope with iOS CI, and we are here to support them with the resources and tools they need. In addition to the latest Mac hardware, we offer multiple macOS virtualization platforms to orchestrate, streamline, and accelerate your development process.

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To give your customers the great shopping experience they deserve, your apps need to be bug-free, which means reliable code and more testing. Use your Mac cloud to orchestrate an iOS CI pipeline from build to testing to deployment. Run iOS simulators, automated tests, and other QA protocols to ensure your app is stable and intuitive.

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As your customer demand grows, so will your iOS app development needs. Easily add more Mac compute resources or storage to your MacStadium cloud at any time. Quickly scale from a single Mac to thousands without having to purchase, manage, or maintain the hardware.

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You’re asking your customers to trust your app with their financial and personal data. They need to have confidence in the app you’ve built and the infrastructure it’s built upon. MacStadium has strict security and compliance policies and we are ISO, SOC, and Privacy Shield certified to prove it. Rest assured, your build infrastructure is safe.

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With MacStadium Mac minis and Anka virtualization, Shopify substantially improved the maintainability and scalability of its iOS build infrastructure.

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