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TestFairy: Bulletproof Testing on Mac mini

TestFairy needed reliability to ensure their code would perform flawlessly, and they're using a Mac mini at MacStadium to ship out bulletproof code. We got their mini story from TestFairy Co-founder, Yair Bar-On.

Like many of our mini customers, TestFairy has found a unique way to use their dedicated Mac minis in the cloud. We interviewed TestFairy’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Yair Bar-On, to see how TestFairy is using their mini to achieve bulletproof testing and keep their footprint small.

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About TestFairy

TestFairy is a mobile testing platform that helps companies streamline their mobile development and release better apps in shorter development cycles.

TestFairy provides companies with enterprise-grade app distribution that is synchronized with their corporate single sign-on (SSO) and provides developers with videos showing how users used their apps. By providing teams with videos that are automatically posted to Jira, TestFairy helps product owners to shorten their release cycle and improve the quality of their apps.

TestFairy is focused on highly secure environments and is trusted by Groupon, Activision Blizzard, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, IBM, and Volkswagen.

TestFairy Team and Workflow

TestFairy has iOS and Android teams that are highly collaborative and cross-functional. The TestFairy developers take ownership of features through the entire stack from SDK to UI, improving the quality of feature delivery.

TestFairy has a variety of testing apps it uses internally that are run against their CI pipeline along with tests to ensure the SDK is lightweight and broadly usable across all types of apps. The TestFairy team needs to deliver flawless code that can run without error in environments they will never see.

Bulletproof Testing on Mac mini

“The easiest way to beta test an app is to let your company employees use it, especially if this is a large company,” said Yair Bar-On, TestFairy’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. “It is very likely that your company employees will behave in a similar way to your real target audience, and using this free and motivated resource to test your app usually provides great results. You just need to make sure that it is easy to provide feedback, that feedback is posted directly to Jira and doesn’t wait for any manual action, and when using TestFairy, simply record your users so developers can understand bugs without any follow-up discussions. This process can be the difference between finding your bugs before release or after.”

TestFairy uses their Mac mini for testing to help deliver bulletproof code that runs with hyper-efficiency.

Working with MacStadium

“The most important thing for us is a reliable service. We were looking for a service that would be there 100% of the time. After testing multiple providers, MacStadium was the clear winner,” Bar-On said. “We’re getting good service and responsive service. That’s everything we need.”

In good company

TestFairy, like many of our cloud customers, uses their Mac mini to run tests that ensure the reliability and integrity of the code they deliver to customers. If you need test infrastructure – from one Mac mini to thousands of Mac Pros – let us know.


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