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Hosted Mac Private Cloud Solutions

For DevOps, Saas and Enterprise

Mac Pro Private Clouds running VMware are managed by vCenter with SAN Storage and accessible via the vSphere client.

A Hosted Mac Private Cloud is your own virtual data center, powered by VMware and running on dedicated Mac hardware that lets you quickly deploy virtual servers of any OS, on demand.

  • Utilize state-of-the-art security and storage systems
  • Maximize availability with redundancy and geographical diversity
  • Reduce costs thru consolidation and fixed pricing
  • Streamline development, testing, and production

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Our sales engineers will work with you to develop a proof of concept then deploy and fine-tune a dedicated private cloud lab environment for you to test in over a longer period of time than a typical trial.
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Know your needs and have a budget? Jump ahead to the customizer and view possible configurations. Order today, and we’ll get in touch before deployment of your Mac private cloud to finalize the environment.
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Interested in continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions?

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Diverse OS Support

  • Deploy VM’s running any OS including popular macOS, Windows, and Linux distributions.
  • First-in-class private cloud solutions built on Apple hardware.
  • Proven technical partnerships with VMware, PureStorage, EMC, NetApp and Cisco.

Infinite Scalability

  • Expand clusters, SAN storage, and other infrastructure rapidly.
  • Migrate virtual machines and storage without downtime.
  • Grow your environment as your business grows with fixed costs.

Rapid Deployment

  • Deploy virtual machines instantly or automatically via API through VMware.
  • Clone virtual machines via templates or snapshots for rapid app testing.
  • Integrate VMware with dedicated SAN storage via VAAI.

Agility & Flexibility

  • Resize, move, create, or destroy virtual machines anytime, in real-time.
  • Logically separate virtual machines and environments with advanced networking features.
  • Maintain redundancy with private cloud replication across geographically-diverse locations.

Dedicated Infrastructure

  • 100% dedicated Mac infrastructure. Never shared.
  • Maximize security via centralized vLAN, Firewall and DDoS protection.
  • Leave bad neighbors on public clouds behind with dedicated resources.

Platform Consolidation

  • Combine development, testing, and production environments.
  • Migrate spread-out shared, public cloud infrastructure into a dedicated private cloud.
  • Consolidate and reduce overall infrastructure while driving resource efficiency.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Auto-failover virtual machines in production clusters instantly.
  • Replicate virtual machines and SAN storage across geographically-diverse locations.
  • Restore virtual machines quickly with point-in-time snapshots.

Expert Assistance

  • 24/7 U.S.-based support via chat, phone, and ticketing.
  • Gain free expert advice, engineering, and solution consulting.
  • VMware platform training, strategy, and roadmap planning.

Powered by VMware

All Mac Private Cloud environments have access to a powerful set of VMware features including VMware vCenter for efficient resource management.
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Las Vegas Data Center Coming Soon

We recently acquired Macminicolo (read about it here) and that means more locations for hosting Mac servers around the world. While we continue bringing Macminicolo on board, you can't order servers there, yet. What you can do is head to our data centers page to learn more or head to Macminicolo directly. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we make more changes and Las Vegas becomes available for Mac hosting at MacStadium.

Grow your Business on the Fly

Increase productivity with a scalable cluster of always-available Mac servers customized to your needs and supported by first-class engineers.

Launching your Cloud

Personalized solutions for success


  • Document current state
  • Define future success criteria
  • Gather performance metrics
  • Perform technical inventory


  • Discuss strategy and roadmap
  • Create initial solution Design and Plan
  • Review connectivity, security and DR
  • Finalize platform services agreement


  • Deploy custom infrastructure
  • Test and QA platform solutions
  • Onboard with Engineering specialist
  • Assist with Migration as necessary


  • Platform documentation turnover
  • Solution walk-through and training
  • Configure account specifics & alerting
  • Review Support and Escalation paths

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