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Hosted Mac Private Cloud Solutions

For DevOps, Saas and Enterprise

Mac Pro Private Clouds running VMware are managed by vCenter with SAN Storage and accessible via the vSphere client.

A Hosted Mac Private Cloud is powered by VMware and running on dedicated Mac hardware. It allows quick deployment of virtual servers of any OS, on demand.

  • Scale quickly to any size cloud
  • Benefit from our expertise with Macs in a data center
  • Reduce costs thru consolidation and fixed pricing
  • Connect to your public or internal environment

What makes a private cloud different?

With a hosted Mac private cloud you have everything you need for true automation.  The vSphere API is exposed as a Web service so you can build, manage and tear down VMs on-demand. From vCenter, you can command and control VMs, compute, and storage. While you’re licensed for unlimited VMs, the number of concurrent VMs you desire will determine the size of your Mac cloud. The cloud is private and uses dedicated Mac Pro hardware just for you. With flat rate billing, the value is easy to plan for month to month.

If you need a single build server, you can subscribe to a Mac mini or Mac Pro. For many people, this is a great route. If you’re ready for true automation, read on.

What components are included in a hosted private cloud?


Apple servers: We provision dedicated Mac Pros for use only in your cloud. With our large inventory, we can expand for you quickly and infinitely. The Apple EULA requires macOS to run only on Apple hardware that you own or control. We meet this requirement by giving you full control of the machines hosted here.

Firewall: Every cloud comes with the protection of a dedicated Cisco ASA firewall. The hardware firewall allows for a site to site IPSec VPN tunnel to a Public cloud or corporate environment.

Storage: Whether you use an internal SSD or an external flash SAN, your cloud will be responsive. With our all-flash SAN, we can scale infinitely as your needs grow.


VMware:Powered by VMware vCloud, enjoy all of the key components required to deliver an en enterprise-class private cloud service with centralized management, automation, and networking capabiltiies.  Our Service Provider Licensing bundles include flat rate, unlimited use of vSphere Enterprise (ESXi) 6.x, a dedicated vCenter Standard appliance and more!

Operating System: Since you’ll be running on genuine Mac hardware, your cloud will support macOS 10.7-10.12, Windows and Linux.

Networking: A /28 IP block will give you 16 static, public IP addresses for your cloud. You may also setup a DHCP server of your own.


Bandwidth: Connectivity includes a very fast 1Gbps to the internet and 10Gbps on the internal network. Unlimited internet assures you can use as much as you need without affecting your monthly flat rate billing.

Availability: Redundant network, power and LogicMonitor cloud monitoring will help us deliver 100% uptime and proactive management. Provision a private cloud at all of our locations for geographic redundancy.

Support: We provide 24x7 support with free remote hands in all of our data centers. Rather than an internal data center team with limited Mac experience, your company can rely on advice from our experienced Tier 3 Cloud Engineering team.

Plans and Pricing

With all the essential components included, your VM requirements will determine the size of your cloud. Identify your needs below and hit the button to get started with a free trial. We’ll respond quickly to get your account setup and your cloud provisioned.

Need something more?

We can accommodate any size of private cloud. If a custom size is desired, please reach out to a sales engineer so we can determine the right fit for your company.