Mac Private Cloud Solutions

MacStadium's private clouds run on dedicated Apple Mac hardware. Private clouds enable quick deployment and easy scale-up while staying compliant with Apple’s EULA.

What makes a private cloud different?

With a MacStadium private cloud you have everything you need for true automation. Dynamically provision VMs of any OS, pool resources to get the most out of your physical infrastructure, and gain efficiency by cloning VMs instead of manually re-imaging individual Macs. In addition to bare metal cloud environments, MacStadium offers all macOS virtualization platforms -- Orka, Anka, and VMware. With effortless deployment, infinite scalability and unmatched security, MacStadium's private clouds are the perfect solution for DevOps or SaaS use cases that require macOS, Xcode or Safari.


Scale from a single Mac to thousands with just a ticket


Work with our experts to create your perfect cloud


Reduce costs vs. DIY solutions and get fixed monthly billing


Securely connect to public clouds or internal networks

"It was nice to have a partner that allowed us to focus on providing the software and the tools as opposed to dealing with the hardware... I want the easiest tool for the job, and MacStadium can provide that to us utilizing VMware."
- Ray Sennewald, Senior Software Engineer, Box
"After moving our CI to MacStadium, testing takes a fraction of the time it did before. Developers get feedback exponentially faster, usually in 5 to 10 minutes."
- Victor Maraccini, iOS Engineer, Nubank
"With the MacStadium VMware cloud, developers are now able to clone a VM in around 10 seconds, where it had taken 20-30 minutes."
- Alex Niderberg, Senior Manager and Lead Software Engineer, Capital One
"The turnaround time for new hardware on MacStadium is extremely fast; half a dozen new machines can be stood up in a matter of hours."
- Debayan Majumdar, Technical Team Lead, Mobile Tools & Infrastructure, Pandora

Cloud Virtualization


Orka: Orchestration on Apple

Orka (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple) is a virtualization layer for Mac build infrastructure based on Docker and Kubernetes technology. Orka offers the first and only solution for orchestrating macOS in a cloud environment using Kubernetes on genuine Apple hardware.


Docker & Kubernetes for macOS

With Orka, Apple OS development teams can use container technology features just like they do for non-Apple workloads. Because it’s built on Kubernetes, Orka provides access to standard tools like KubeCTL, KubeDashboard, Autoscaling, etc. to drive Mac infrastructure with built-in tools that you already have.

Mac Pro

Built on genuine Apple hardware

Orka is specifically designed for Apple hardware but based on standard cloud orchestration tools. With Orka, MacStadium users get a more software-driven, reliable, and high-performance experience with their MacStadium hardware.


Easily connect to your CI pipeline

Integrated with popular CI tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Buildkite, Orka’s plugins allow developers to use the tools they already know and love to work seamlessly with their build infrastructure.


Anka: Built for macOS

Anka is a powerful but simple virtualization engine for continuous integration on macOS. Anka is built for Mac and uses the macOS hypervisor framework with external registry and controller nodes. It is designed specifically to accommodate Mac-based CI workflows, and Anka easily integrates with existing container-based DevOps CI pipelines.


On-demand macOS VMs

With MacStadium Apple infrastructure combined with Anka virtualization software you can run on-demand macOS VMs instances like you would in container-based DevOps workflows and CI/CD. Manage Anka build nodes, VM instances, templates/tags, and logs with the Anka Controller dashboard. Anka Registry provides centralized storage for your team's macOS VM templates and tags.


VMware for enterprise clouds

With a MacStadium private cloud running on VMware, you get access to features like Linked Clones, Instant Clones, and enterprise scalability. Programmatically manage VM creation, changes, and deletion with the vSphere automation API.


Full control with vCenter

MacStadium VMware private cloud environments are deployed with VMware Enterprise Plus licensing which includes ESXi, vSphere, and the vCenter app for efficient management and scaling.


Virtualization not required

Don't need one of our virtualization platforms or have your own DIY solution? No problem. MacStadium bare metal clouds come with the same components and features as our virtualized clouds, just without the virtualization software.


Customizable hardware configs

MacStadium offers a wide variety of machines from Intel-based Mac mins and Mac Pros to the new Apple silicon. Let us know if you have specific hardware requirements, or our sales engineers can help build a cloud environment tailored to your needs.

Cloud Components


Dedicated hardware

We transform genuine Apple Mac Pro and Mac mini machines into enterprise-grade servers. Our patented upgrades add redundant A/B power, redundant 10G Ethernet, and redundant fibre channel ports to enable SAN storage.


Growing? No problem.

With our large inventory, we can expand your cloud quickly and infinitely. Our Mac experts are available around the clock to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll make the deployment and scale-up of your Mac cloud easy.

Mac Pro and mini racks

Storage options for any need

Whether you use an internal SSD or an external flash SAN, your cloud will be responsive. With our all-flash SAN, we can scale infinitely as your needs grow.


NetApp SAN

Economical, mixed-drive NetApp SAN provides reliable network storage for large amounts of archive data. If you have a need for a hybrid-SAN arrangement, we’re ready to build that as well.


Pure Storage SAN

All-flash, high-performance Pure Storage SAN arrays are the perfect solution for private clouds. Pure SAN is highly redundant, encrypts all data at rest, scales up easily, and enables advanced VMware cloud features like Instant Clones and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) to help you get the most from your cloud.

Pure Storage

Cisco firewalls

Every MacStadium cloud deploys with dedicated Cisco ASA firewalls that allow you to setup VPN tunnels to public clouds and internal networks. Setup whitelisting and monitor traffic to ensure the security of your cloud.


Static IP addresses

Your cloud is always available with dedicated IPv4 address space. All clouds  include a /28 or /30 IP subnet block, giving you 16 static, public IP addresses to use as you see fit. You can add more IPs or set up your own DHCP server.

Spine and Leaf

Spine and leaf network topology

This modern data center architecture enables 4x (Active-Active-Active-Active) redundancy and internal transfer speeds of up to 160 Gbps. This super-fast network enables host-to-host transfers and use of NFS for high-speed SAN access.


Install any OS

We provide access to install images for over a dozen common OSs in a dedicated data store for easy VM image creation.

Virtualize OS

Virtualize any OS

Because our clouds run on genuine Mac hardware, you can virtualize any OS including macOS, Linux, or Windows.

Cloud Capabilities

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

MacStadium's private clouds are certified ISO 27001, which is the highest certification available for IaaS providers. This is the same level certification as AWS or Azure.


SSAE 16, SOC 1, 2 and 3

MacStadium’s US data centers maintain SOC 1 (Type 2), SOC 2 (Type 2), and SOC 3 compliance, which have stricter requirements than ISO with respect to physical and data center-level cyber security.


Security practices

All of our Tier III and Tier IV data centers include robust physical access control and are continuously monitored to ensure cloud security at all times.


Additional security features

We can add more security features on request including isolated racks, VM ecryption via HyTrust, direct connects, E/W firewalls via VMware NSX and more.

Learn more about MacStadium security

Unlimited transfer

No data usage costs; in or out. Network traffic is not throttled or groomed in any way. Connectivity includes a very fast 1Gbps to the internet and 10Gbps on the internal network. Use as much as you need without affecting your monthly flat rate billing.


24/7 remote support

We provide 24x7 support with free remote hands in all of our data centers. Rather than an internal data center team with limited Mac experience, your company can rely on advice from our experienced Tier 3 Cloud Engineering team.


Strategy and expert advice

Our Mac experts are available to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll assist in the implementation of your plans to scale efficiently and effortlessly.


Monitor everything that happens

Monitor your cloud with LogicMonitor. Track every host, watch performance numbers, set custom alerts, monitor every packet and keep an eye on every bit.

LogicMonitor screen
Control panel

Control panel

Control billing, manage users, and share documents securely in MacStadium's admin dashboard. Get in touch with engineering and support teams 24/7 via secure ticket.

Mac Pro

Dedicated hardware

We provision dedicated hardware for use only in your cloud. This means you get full, root-access control to every aspect of your cloud to configure and secure as needed.

MacStadium Portal
Global Footprint

Global footprint

With five data centers around the world and new data centers coming on line all the time, we have the footprint to support global growth and redundancy wherever you need it.


Reliable uptime

Tier III and IV data centers with redundant network, power, monitoring help us deliver 99.99% uptime and proactive management. Provision a private cloud at multiple our locations for geographic redundancy.

Data Center Map
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