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Mac Server Colocation

Your Mac Pro, mini, or Xserve in a Data Center

Host your Mac server in a MacStadium data center for the best colocation experience. Pay for hosting and your server is available 24/7 with a dedicated IP address and remote hands at the ready.

  • Every generation of Mac mini supported
  • Hosting for Mac Pros, Xserves, NAS, and more
  • Secure environments with 100% uptime
  • Access to fibre channel SAN storage (Mac Pro only)

Your Mac Managed by Experts

Save time by hosting your Mac in an always-online data center with staff standing by to support it.

No contracts, no hidden fees

Every Mac mini or Pro is assigned a subscription and slot in one of our custom, purpose-built Mac Racks. You don’t have to worry about overheating or vibrations lowering the lifespan of your servers as everything is designed to keep your servers online for as long as you desire.

Our remote hands support team is standing by 24/7 with hot spares available in case your colocated Mac fails. We’ll temporarily move you to a rented Mac while your server’s issues are diagnosed and corrected.

All servers feature unlimited and all-inclusive Internet use, remote management tools, and active DDoS Protection. Prepare your Mac just the way you like before shipping it to us. When you’re done, we’ll ship your mini back to you. Mac colocation at it’s best.

Our Mac mini Hosting Plans

Pro Hosting


Elite Hosting


Our Mac Pro Hosting Plan

Elite Quad Hosting


Every Mac Pro is guaranteed access to our Elite Quad Hosting plan which offers Quad GigaBit (4x 1000 Mbps) + PCI Fibre connectivity. Subscribe and take advantage of scalable dedicated SAN storage via a fibre channel adapter attached directly to your Mac Pro.

Las Vegas Data Center Coming Soon

We recently acquired Macminicolo (read about it here) and that means more locations for hosting Mac servers around the world. While we continue bringing Macminicolo on board, you can't order servers there, yet. What you can do is head to our data centers page to learn more or head to Macminicolo directly. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we make more changes and Las Vegas becomes available for Mac hosting at MacStadium.

As the DevOps Director at Bonobos, having a Mac thats always on and reachable from anywhere with a true gigabit network connection is important to me, and out of all the other services ive tried like this one, none had the performance and reliability that you guys have shown me over the last couple months.

Jared (New York , NY)

I must admit, I didn't expect things to go this smoothly, or work this well. I expected more contention for bandwidth, more issues, less responsive support. What I got was a colocation service and support experience just as good as the best I've ever had, at literally one twentieth the price point for a single server.

Adam (San Francisco, CA)