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Direct Connect with AWS

Save costs on your data transfer expenses
through our private connection to AWS

With Direct Connect, you may be able to decrease your data transfer cost with Amazon by up to 80%.

Perfect for your Multi-cloud Development Platform

When you use a Direct Connect to AWS, your data transfer costs to Amazon decrease significantly. We have a number of high-transfer customers who would benefit from this decrease. Rather than each customer needing to line up the connection themselves and absorb the full pricing with Amazon, we’ve established a direct network connection between MacStadium’s Atlanta data center and the AWS US East (N. Virginia) Region and made it available to our customers as a premium option.


More Consistent Network Experience

Data moves directly from your MacStadium environment to AWS services, skipping the slower, constantly changing public internet route.


Access all AWS services

Direct Connect gives access to all AWS services including EC2 for compute, VPC for your other cloud, and S3 for for storage.

Reduced Network Costs

By utilizing our private connection to AWS, you can take advantage of the reduced AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate.

Keep in mind

As with all our hosting, your port with Amazon Direct Connect offers unlimited internet. However, Amazon will still charge your AWS account for transfer charges. The good news is that with Direct Connect, that charge is discounted, sometimes by up to 80% per GB transferred.

Pricing Information

Any MacStadium customer with a dedicated firewall can take advantage of Direct Connect. A 1Gbps Direct Connect option is available to our customers for $2000 per month. If fully utilized, this port speed would allow monthly transfer of about 300TB async, or 600TB sync across the connection. Faster connections are available as well. 

Let us know when you’re ready to look at Direct Connect options for your account.