Network Security

Protected and always available

With Cisco ASA firewalls, your network will always be available and protected from outsiders trying to gain unauthorized access. Managed and dedicated firewall instances are available for all servers to enable site-to-site tunneling, dial-up VPN access, and more.

Hardware firewalls powered by Cisco

Cisco Firewall

Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) firewall clusters are the foundation of a secure hosting solution. They act as a filter between your servers and the Internet in order to block malicious traffic. We offer both managed (shared) and dedicated solutions provide for encrypted site-to-site VPN tunnels, dial-up VPN, and the most advanced firewall feature sets.

Enterprise-class network security is available with our dedicated firewall solution. Your solution will include a cluster of dedicated Cisco ASA firewalls with in initial configuration that you’ll then have full control over. Deliver end-to-end encryption to your application or organization with site-to-site VPN tunneling.

Our managed firewall solution is the best choice for customers without expertise in end-to-end network security. Our network engineers will setup all of your servers at signup under the shared firewall solution with a base configuration. We’ll provide you with a spreadsheet which you’ll return with any port changes needed.

If you’re adding firewall service on top of an existing solution, our engineers will re-IP existing hosts and help you get setup on our managed firewall solution quickly.

Flat-rate billing

All of the solutions are a single flat-rate fee regardless of the number of  servers behind the firewall

High Availability clusters

Dedicated firewall solutions can be grouped into High Availability clusters which are in turn hard wired to each of our network cores for full A+B redundancy end to end

Typical uses

Ingress Traffic Control
Site-to-Site Tunneling
Dialup VPN