Mac Server Hosting

macOS Server

If you need a cloud-hosted server that can run Mac-only software, MacStadium provides genuine Apple machines with macOS.

Run a database server using FileMaker/Claris, integrate your Apple server with iCloud, or create an Xcode server. You get root access to your Mac so you can set up and configure the server to meet your specific needs. For any use cases that rely upon macOS, Mac minis hosted at MacStadium are a reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage solution.

macOS Server

General Server


If you don’t require macOS, but still prefer to run your server on Mac hardware, MacStadium’s genuine Apple Mac servers are the perfect solution.

Use a Mac mini to host your company's website. Setup a backup server in the cloud with terabytes of attached USB or NAS storage. Manage your own email or DNS server. Use Plex to create a remote media server. The possibilities are endless. We'll provide the Mac hardware to make it happen.

Expand your capabilities with a cloud-hosted Mac mini server

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