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Extend your cloud with reliable shared storage.

MacStadium provides multiple storage options from high-performance SAN suitable for running VMs and other high-bandwidth use cases to archival storage for large data volumes that simply need to persist.

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Pure Storage FlashArray

Performance storage.

We offer the fastest, highest-quality storage solutions in the market, built on high-performance NVMe storage. All data is encrypted at rest, redundancy is built-in, and is self-healing.

Virtual cloud.

Performance SAN is needed to run your VMs with peak performance and comes standard with our virtual cloud offerings (Orka, VMware, and Anka) and can be added to a bare metal cloud environment.


NFS volumes are optimized for sustained bandwidth and are a great choice for shared files such as VM templates, shared caches, or data stores. These volumes peak at 1GBps.


iSCSI volumes are optimized for IOPS-heavy and super-low-latency use cases. These are a great choice for VM storage volumes, particularly in VMware-based Mac clouds. These volumes can peak at over 5GBps.

Standard SAN.

This storage solution is ideal for storing files and artifacts that don’t require top-tier performance but are still accessed frequently. Use standard storage to run VMs that are not IOPS-heavy such as a simple web server. Standard storage can be either NFS or iSCSI and can scale out to hundreds of terabytes. Again, all data is encrypted at rest and highly redundant.


NAS storage is ideal for backup and archive use cases where cost-management trumps the need for access speed. For these workloads, we provision NAS arrays with up to 25TB of capacity. These NAS arrays don’t have hardware encryption by default; however, customers can enable this if they choose. The arrays use RAID X to ensure redundancy from hardware failure.


Direct-attached storage is the perfect solution for those who need additional storage on their individual machines, and do not need to share resources across servers. These cost-effective options come in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB sizes.

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Need a dedicated physical array?

Most MacStadium storage options are dedicated volumes on multi-tenant SAN arrays. Customers with larger workloads or a desire for complete isolation can also opt for dedicated SAN arrays. Talk to one of our sales engineers for details on dedicated SAN options.

Add storage to your Mac cloud.

Add SAN, NFS, or direct-attached storage to your Macs from your MacStadium cloud account. Not sure what storage is right for your use case? Consult a sales engineer.

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