Mac Remote & Virtual Desktops

Provide remote workers access to macOS.

Whether you need a remote Mac desktop for individual, corporate, or educational use, MacStadium has a cloud-hosted solution for you.

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MacStadium Cloud Access.

MacStadium’s Cloud Access connector facilitates high-performance PC-over-IP client connections to remote Mac workstations. Built on Teradici’s industry-leading PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access provides a rich user experience and the flexibility to deliver macOS desktops from the MacStadium cloud to a variety of endpoint devices.

Access to Mac from anywhere.

Secure, remote access to high-powered Macs wherever you are, including from a home office.

One-to-one from any client.

Connect directly to a macOS host in the cloud from any PCoIP endpoint including macOS, Windows, Linux, PCoIP Zero, and PCoIP thin clients.

Empower your remote workforce.

Media and creative professionals, as well as application and game developers, can get the resolution, sound, and color fidelity needed to create and work from anywhere.

Orka Workspace.

Available in 2022, Orka Workspace is a patented cloud-based software platform that enables high-performance access to macOS desktop resources - anytime, anywhere on any client device.

Connect from any device.

Easily access your cloud-hosted Mac environment from any device through a web browser connected to the internet.

Self-service interface.

Users and administrators have powerful controls to enable the use and management of their infrastructure, all available through a convenient web-based app.

Easy-to-use controls.

The end-user macOS desktop has convenient controls for clipboard, keyboard mapping, window resizing, and seamless authentication.

macOS desktops for any use case.

Cloud Access.

  • Remote access to macOS on dedicated Mac hardware
  • High-performance Teradici PCoIP protocol
  • Color-accurate, lossless, and distortion-free graphics
  • One user per host
  • Per-server, per-month billing
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Orka Workspace.

  • Easy-to-use, web-based platform
  • Connect from any device running any OS
  • No client install required
  • Administrator controls access
  • Single sign-on
  • Active Directory integration
  • Usage tracking and reporting
  • Multiple users per host
  • Secure capacity - no publicly exposed IPs
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Need VMs for developers?

If you need static or ephemeral virtual machines for Mac or iOS app development, check out our virtualization options - Orka, Anka, and VMware.