Which MacStadium cloud is right for me?

All MacStadium private clouds provide virtualization on Mac hardware. However, development teams have different virtualization needs, so one solution may be a better fit than another. Costs become comparable once licensing and hardware requirements are taken into consideration, but overall performance will ultimately depend on your workloads. Want to learn more? Contact a MacStadium sales engineer for help.


VMware was the first hypervisor to support Macs. It has unmatched enterprise IT and security credibility and the latest release has built-in support for Mojave as well as Instant Clones, which are faster and lighter-weight than a VM has ever been. That said, Apple support and CI/CD are not VMware’s primary use case, which means that the experience can be clunky unless your team is already familiar with VMware products.

Choose MacStadium's VMware Cloud if...

  • You need something established with almost guaranteed longevity
  • You already have experience with VMware (or are willing to learn) 

  • You’re okay with waiting for new macOS releases to be debugged/supported and waiting for new Mac hardware to make it onto the VMware HCL (e.g., only Mac Pros are available for now)
  • You need more developed support for plugins/API integrations
  • You want to reduce resource usage via DRS and Instant Clone features
  • You need something with a track record of well-documented security and compliance
  • You want/need security features like encrypted storage at rest, VM encryption for secure key storage, or virtual E/W firewalls for VM isolation/micro-segmentation

This hypervisor was built with iOS and Mac CI in mind and was built from the ground up to look and feel container-like. Turnkey plugins, simple APIs, and an easy CLI make Anka a great choice if you're eager to get started and don’t need VMware’s advanced features. Anka’s Registry also makes it easy to manage VM images over time. Anka was launched in 2018 and has been growing fast in the iOS DevOps community.

Choose MacStadium's Anka Cloud if...

  • You can get behind “new tech” from a longevity/security perspective
  • You don't know/don't want to learn anything about VMware
  • You need to be immediately compatible with new macOS releases 

  • You want to use hardware other than the Mac Pro - like Mac mini or iMac Pro
  • You want out-of-the-box plugins for Jenkins and TeamCity or an exhaustive REST API for integration with other CI tools
  • You want to simplify management of a library of VM images/templates 

  • You’re interested in adding “Anka Flow” to bring cloud VMs to your local machine 

  • You prefer the simplicity of using internal SSDs vs. SAN

Still not sure which cloud is right for you?

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