Mac remote learning made easy

If your university or school has shifted to remote learning, or you simply need to replace labs full of aging Mac hardware, MacStadium cloud-hosted Macs with remote access are the perfect solution.

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Move your Mac lab to the cloud

Ensure reliable and equitable access to macOS resources for your students with MacStadium cloud-hosted Macs. Include Cloud Access or Orka Workspace solutions to further enable the delivery of Mac applications and desktops to any web-capable device.

Genuine Apple hardware

MacStadium offers a variety of servers to meet your Mac compute needs. Everything from Intel-based Mac minis and Mac Pros to the latest Apple silicon can be included in a virtual lab environment. Each machine is 100% dedicated to your project or school and you have root access to install the software or training materials required by your students. As your needs grow, easily change, expand, and customize your cloud solution without the capital expense of buying new hardware.

Cloud Access

For software or workloads that require high-end audio and video performance, MacStadium's Cloud Access enables students to carry out graphics-intensive tasks in the cloud that perform like they were running on a local machine. Powered by HP Anyware's PC-over-IP technology, Cloud Access provides a rich user experience and the flexibility to deliver macOS desktops from the MacStadium cloud to a variety of endpoints, including macOS, Windows, or Linux clients.

Orka Workspace

Orka Workspace provides a flexible, scalable platform for managing Mac remote desktops. Quickly manage users, grant individual host access, or provide a pool of dedicated macOS host resources to distribute to users by team or function. For students, Orka Workspace provides access to a cloud-based macOS desktop with convenient controls for clipboard, keyboard mapping, window resizing, and seamless authentication.

Employee training

Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve graduated. Deliver your corporate or professional training on cloud-hosted Macs.


Orka Platform by MacStadium runs on AWS infrastructure using genuine Apple M1 hardware and is designed to support a few to a few hundred machines in a single environment.


AWS is already a secure, approved vendor for many organizations.


Your organization’s Orka Platform by MacStadium on AWS infrastructure spend is consolidated onto a single bill, directly from AWS for simplified processing.

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